Announcement! I’m a Family Life Coach

I couldn’t hold this in any longer! After 1000s of required hours, months of rigorous study and a killer exam, I’m so happy to announce that I am a Family Life Coach. I earned my Bachelors in Family and Consumer Sciences (a long time ago) so obtaining this license was a natural progression in my field of study.
I am forging full steam ahead with Blended Family Coaching services, implementing fresh curriculum, lobbying to fix our Family court laws and becoming a change agent in the family systems arena. 

I get SOOOOO many encouraging messages from Blended and Black community members on a daily basis. I don’t think you all know what the notes you send do for me. I literally do not sleep because I have listened to your problems I am building programs to solve them! I thank you all and I owe you for always keeping me on my toes and consistently igniting my passion for fighting to normalize families like ours.
Shout out to my existing clients! I genuinely appreciate the fact that you have trusted me enough to confide in me and allow me to help you navigate the complexities of your lives.
Shout out to growth and prosperity! Blended and Black is everywhere you are, so please connect with us on all of our platforms!

So you know it’s REALLY REAL!
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