White Supremacy is on life support

As a Black kid that grew up right under Tennessee’s Bible belt, there was an assumption that people that looked like me were not God’s chosen people.  I was baptized under a beautiful stained-glass image of a White Jesus. Black babydolls were not very plentiful in the 80s, so my first images of beauty were blonde-haired, blue-eyed Barbies. When I entered the school system, they indoctrinated my young mind with regal images of Queen Elizabeth and King Henry VIII, rich and powerful European figures. I did not learn about African King, Mansa Musu, who IS the richest man in history until I was 35-years old. Stories of triumphant Black figures were not mentioned in my school curriculum. NOW I understand why.

The educators positioned Christopher Columbus as a hero. Factual historians have proven that he was just a pirate. They made the American Revolution look like an isolated incited sparked by fed up White settlers. They juxtaposed these teachings with images of my Black ancestors picking cotton on plantations, with pus-filled post whipping scars on their backs, broken, shackled, and in utter despair.

Read Me and White Supremacy

I recall going on a 4th-grade field trip to visit an Underground railroad, an intricate system of safe spaces that helped enslaved African people escape to freedom. My tiny brown body nestled in a dirty tunnel as a tour guide told reprehensible tales of people trying to escape the bondage of slavery. After my young mind was traumatized by holding heavy shackles (I even got to try them on a take a picture), our teacher took us to Auction Street, which is a literal street in my hometown where Enslaved Black people stood naked, before crowds of White people, were sold off to go join the cattle and other livestock on their plantations. This was the last time many Black enslaved people would see their wives and children. The Black family was intentionally broken by the legal institution of slavery. In fact, it was more lucrative to keep Black families apart. We even learned that Black slave women would be forced to live on slave breeding farms as a means to produce more free laborers. An even more reprehensible fact is these women would be forced to “mate” with their own sons to impregnate them. This is White Supremacy.

We’ve seen this song and dance before

History has proven that justice for ALL usually applies to those that control how it is written. We knew #AmyCooper, the White woman who called the cops on a Black birdwatcher in New York’s Central Park, would get her dog back. We know she’ll find an even higher paying job. We knew #TrayvonMartin killer would become a folk hero. We know the only reason #AhmaudArbury murderers have finally been charged is because an angry attorney leaked the video of his lynching months after the event occurred. We knew that lady cop that broke into her black neighbor’s home and murdered him wouldn’t get a long sentence.

We knew no one would lose a pension or spend a second in jail when they killed #SandraBland or #BreonnaTaylor. When #EmmitTill accuser admitted that she lied, we were not surprised. Back in 1991, I was a little girl watching LIVE as #RodneyKings unconscious black body was beaten to a bloody pulp. I learned that “the system” was not in Black people’s favor when the 4 cops that almost killed him celebrated in the courtroom as they received the ‘Not Guilty’ verdict.

Racism makes the rich richer and the poor poorer

Most of us don’t expect reparations from slavery. Our economic system has thrived because it stands on the belief that ONE race is supreme. Black, Latinx, Asian, and other non-White people also subscribe to and are fooled into thinking they from White Supremacy. Until that false belief is dismantled and restructured, we will all be stuck in this vicious cycle.
The problem is the powers- that- be would crumble to the ground if the sturdy foundation of supremacy is torn down. The virus-like spread of the false belief that one race could enslave another led to the dehumanization of Black people on a global level. Black people’s humanity was erased and we were just seen as commodities.
Globally, trillions of dollars were made because of forced FREE labor. Worldwide dynasties were built with slavery as their key funding source. Many of these family dynasties still control 82 percent of the wealth. And the top 1 percent will always control most of the wealth until the other 99 percent figure out how the 1 percent go about cultivating wealth. The non-wealthy are scavenging for the leftover 1% droppings. By the way, you need a net worth of about $2.63 million to be considered kinda rich in America.
You see, it literally pays (A LOT) to keep people divided. They planted the seeds of division long ago, and we are voluntarily watering their plants into big bushels of systemic racism.
Sidenote: I can’t believe some you stupid ass idiots are still carrying the torch of systemic racism when it doesn’t benefit you! In fact, it puts your simple-minded asses at a severe disadvantage because you will be left behind! S’cuse my French!
But you know who destroys greedy dynasties, WE THE PEOPLE!

This isn’t a Black vs. White thing…this is an US vs. the lying, scamming ass people that have tricked the general population into blindly fighting ONE ANOTHER for scraps while they withhold the wealth, power, and worlds assets and trade amongst one another like it’s a game of chess. At this point, they don’t need more money, it’s probably just some sick game of keep away. They used to laugh at us, now they’re afraid. Rightfully so, because that blinding cloak of hatred is being lifted. They made the mistake of forgetting that ALL humans have a basic need to give and receive love. And love is more powerful than hate. They’ve allowed us to get educated, get access, study (and mimic) their intricate systems. Some have even managed to infiltrate and DISRUPT.
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I’m so proud of all of us that are no longer falling for the bulls*t. Those of you that still want to subscribe to the narcissistic, sociopathic idea of supremacy will continue to be shamed into silence and you’ll eventually be obliterated.
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