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How does coaching work?

The fee schedule offers varied plans, depending on your unique needs and the level of support you desire. When you book you consultation or coaching session, you will be required to provide your contact phone number. At your scheduled time slot, I will call you via phone. New clients must sign a standard Coaching Agreement.

one-hour session. One-on-one coaching. This is for individuals who need solution-based coaching that focuses on a direct issue. The focus is to end the session with quantifiable takeaways that can be realistically executed. No more than 2 of this type of session may be booked in a 30-day span. 

30-day Coaching.  (Four 1-hour phone sessions) This is for individuals who need more consistent direction with sorting through issues. Sessions will focus on assessing the core problems individually and providing tactful feedback in order to reach solutions. A written assessment will be prepared and the plan-of-action will be critiqued throughout the coaching period. This is an intensive plan because clients are able to text/email and benefit from homework assignments during the 30-day Coaching period with Naja Hall.

2-month Coaching: This is a combination of written, phone and video work. This intensive plan is more suited for individuals and families that are in need of a systemic change. It includes an initial assessment of the entire immediate family. The 2- month coaching plan includes 1 (1 hour) monthly call, 1 weekly touch base 10-minute text session and a full Role Redefining program assignment for each family member. *Payment plan available. 

Let’s Get Started

Individuals or families interested in 30-day Coaching may schedule a free 25-minute consultation if necessary. If you have additional questions, text (315)75BLEND or email team@BlendedandBlack.com

Responses are generally provided within 24 hours, Monday thru Friday 8:30 a.m.—5:00 p.m., EST