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Blended & Black is dedicated to:

  • Promoting harmony and restoring balance in mending, broken & blended millennial families
  • Normalizing blended families and removing their stigma 
  • Redefining roles and helping blended family members adjust to their new normal

I’m Naja Hall, Founder of Blended & Black.  I was born and raised in Memphis, TN but I’ve called New York City home since 2007.  I earned my Bachelors Degree in Family & Consumer Sciences from The University of Tennessee. I am a Family Life Coach.  I’m also an active member of the AAFCS and the American Bar Association as a Dispute Resolution Associate. Email to REQUEST MY MEDIA KIT

In 2013 when my  Husband and I began dating,  I was totally unprepared for all that encompasses being a member of a Blended family. My parents are still married and so are my Husband’s parents. Needless to say, navigating our “new normal” was uncharted territory for both of us.

My Husband is a Father of 3. But when we began to experience the hardships of parental alienation, unsuccessful attempts at justice in family court and trying to deal with an uncooperative co-parent, I knew we needed support. Aside from a few friends, I rarely let on about the stress of a high-conflict co-parenting situation. We all want to project perfect lives, when in fact, many of ours is far from it.

In 2016, when I officially became a Bonus Mom, I was compelled to create a space for people like me. My journey to achieving peace was a long one and I am determined to make sure that others have a strong support system and a blueprint to make their transitions less tumultuous.


I wish there was a space like this back in the day when I was going through the drama with my son’s mother.

Clyde C.  Blended and Black member

I initially started Blended & Black as a private group in which to swap horror stories, give advice and seek support. When I launched Blended & Black, I had no idea how fast the movement would grow! I had no choice but to make the platform public. There are so many of us that are dealing with the exact same issues, so isolating myself and being embarrassed about such a significant part of my life was not benefiting anyone. Becoming a Bonus mom is a part of my journey and I am committed to ensuring that others like me have the tools for success in navigating their Blended family lives.

I have had the opportunity to hear some heart wrenching stories of families torn apart and I’ve been delighted by testimonies of Blended family success.

B & B is for ALL races, ethnic groups, sexual preferences, religions etc. Blended families are NOT just Black & White….they’re actually kinda “grey” anyway! This is a platform for like-minded individuals and professionals that can offer council, seek advice and to simply vent about the complex nature of Blending a family. We have helped many people find solace in their personal plights and I can guarantee someone in the Blended and Black community has successfully overcome what you’re going through right now. You are no longer alone, we are here to help!

Aside from writing a Blended book, running the social media pages and counseling families in need, I am producing a Blended and Black  docu-series. This docu-series chronicles the lives of individuals that are in Stepfamilies, just like yours. I am always interviewing people that can share their experiences and that can keep me updated on their progress over time. These stories are not easy, but they are necessary. My goal is to develop a teaching curriculum of best practices that I can ultimately share with the world.

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Short Bio

Naja Hall founded Blended and Black, a solution based platform dedicated to mending and blending Step families. Her goal is to start conversations about broken families and bring awareness to how they affect our community. She provides families and individuals the tools by which they can learn to form a more cohesive family system free of the drama that usually surrounds divorce, separation and remarriage. Naja hosts a weekly podcast, contributes written and video content and she provides a host of professional services for Blended family members. Naja has a Bachelors from the University of Tennessee in Family and Consumer Sciences. She is a Family Life Coach.  She is an active member of the AAFCS and the American Bar Association as a Dispute Resolution Associate.

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