What if Nipsey Hussle was killed because he hurt someone’s feelings?

The recent shooting death of rapper Nipsey Hussle has rocked music lovers everywhere. The conspiracy theorists are running rampant and speculation over who murdered the 33-year-old rapper has caused much raucous online. While most “aware” people can recognize that the government has colluded with citizens in order to execute noisemakers, Nipsey’s death could very well be the result of a fragile male ego and poor conflict resolution skills.

While I do not claim to be a longtime Nipsey fan, I am well aware of his heavy community involvement. He was a reformed street-dude,  a loving father and he was committed to pouring back into his community. Many reputable news outlets have reported that a man named Eric Holder aka Shitty Cuz has been arrested for murdering Nipsey, another friend and wounding another during the rampage. Apparently, Shitty Cuz visited Nipsey’s retail store The Marathon. Nipsey respectfully asked him to leave. Shitty Cuz is said to be a known snitch and he was not welcome. Moments later, he returned during broad daylight and opened fire. He pumped six shots into Nipsey and kicked him in the head before he fled the scene.

According to heavy.com: Shitty Cuz’s Facebook photos confirm he is a member of the same gang that Hussle acknowledged belonging to in the past: the Rollin 60s Neighborhood Crips. A number of these unverified accounts have offered up the following narrative (which has not been confirmed by the LAPD): Holder went into Hussle’s store, and Hussle told him to leave because he was a “snitch,” and Holder then became angry and felt “disrespected,” thus triggering the violence. Again, this has not been confirmed by the police force, but rather is a theory floating around on Twitter from users who claim to be familiar with the situation”

I do not understand the egocentrism that one must possess to think they are entitled to take the life of another person. I do understand how the inability to regulate one’s own emotions can land a person in a world of trouble. If this particular interpretation of this event is true, then the alleged killer was a butthurt man who felt humiliated enough to retaliate in the ultimate way. He was so upset and angry at not being accepted, that he walked home, got a gun, walked back to Nipsey’s business with the intention of ending his life and then he murdered him. This was not temporary insanity. This a lack of empathy and compassion. This was a man that could not manage his hurt feelings in a balanced healthy way. We come in contact with these ticking time bombs on a daily basis and luckily many of us have the fortune of remaining unaware that one wrong move could result in an interaction that could forever change our lives.

Keep a healthy distance from strangers

Living in New York City puts me at arm’s length of hundreds of people every single day. As I am on the subway, walking through Times Square or just minding my own business, I am fully cognizant that I am at the mercy of everyone around me. Should a crazed knifed wielding person attack a crowded subway train, it is up to me to protect myself. For this reason, I guard my space fiercely. When its rush-hour and bodies are pressed against one another, all one can do is pray to God that they make it home safely.

Assume YOU could be the straw that breaks the camel’s back

Plain and simple, there is no way to tell when a person is on the verge of snapping. You do not want to be that preverbal last straw and fall victim to someone’s tirade. In many instances, I have felt impeded upon but a split second decision to be quiet as opposed to being “right” has kept me safe many times. I pride myself on being insightful and emotionally intelligent. With that being said, I am aware that some people are not trained on restraint or conflict resolution and they cannot compartmentalize their emotions long enough to not make a stupid decision.

Check your EGO

It takes a LOT of effort to allow another person to force their ‘wrongness’ onto you. Naturally, we want to preserve our stance and stand for our own cause but if a person has made the decision to reside in their own limited thoughts, there is nothing you can do to enlighten them. The best thing to do is remove yourself from their space and limit interactions. Ignorance is bliss for some. Let them lie there. You move away.

There are so many lessons in the death of this blossoming change agent. May God cover his family, his legacy and his hood during their time of bereavement.




Nipsey’s longtime girlfriend and the mother of his four-year-old son shares a heartfelt post.