Khloe Kardashian is Preggo BUT…..

Khloe Kardashian is Preggo BUT.....

There has been much speculation about the youngest Kardashian sister’s, 33, growing belly lately. Some call her 1st pregnancy announcement, the worst kept secret in Hollywood. But she finally made her mom-to be status known via her Instagram account yesterday. Kardashian and Cleveland Cavalier player, Tristan Thompson, 26, are set to become parents in early 2018. Khloe’s babydaddy has been a busy bee though as Khloe’s baby will be the 2nd born to Thompson (aka the newest Mr. Kardashian) in a two year span. He fathered a child with ex-girlfriend, Jordan Craig, 26. The boy just turned 1.

UPDATE: Tristan was and never has been married to neither Khloe nor Jordan. The ring in Khloe’s picture is not a wedding band.

@khloekardashian My greatest dream realized! We are having a baby! I had been waiting and wondering but God had a plan all along. He knew what He was doing. I simply had to trust in Him and be patient. I still at times can’t believe that our love created life! Tristan, thank you for loving me the way that you do! Thank you for treating me like a Queen! Thank you for making me feel beautiful at all stages! Tristan, most of all, Thank you for making me a MOMMY!!! You have made this experience even more magical than I could have envisioned! I will never forget how wonderful you’ve been to me during this time! Thank you for making me so happy my love! Thank you to everyone for the love and positive vibes! I know we’ve been keeping this quiet but we wanted to enjoy this between our family and close friends as long as we could privately. To enjoy our first precious moments just us ❤️ Thank you all for understanding. I am so thankful, excited, nervous, eager, overjoyed and scared all in one! But it’s the best bundle of feelings I’ve ever felt in my life! ❤️❤️❤️


(Shameless plug, so wha?!) In my book, Girl,Bye!, I dedicated a whole section to the man in the middle and how they really cause undue pain and anguish when they do not consider that their actions will have major consequences on the peace (or lack there of) in their families. While, we do not pretend to know the details of Tristan’s split from his 1st pregnant babymama, we do know that while she was newly postpartum, Tristan was seen with Kardashian house hunting in September 2017, canoodling in Los Angeles for a comedy show, vacationing in Mexico over Labor Day weekend, smooching on Snapchat and cuddled up at a Drake concert. His baby, Prince was born in December.

I do not imagine that Khloe, Tristan and Jordan (and these new babies) will be posting snaps as one big happy family anytime soon. Khloe says their love is a fairytale and the heart wants what the heart wants, but the heart’s desire has consequences. Especially when there may be a woman scorned. While Tristan’s 1st babymama is being made out to be a martyr, Kardashian has been villainized to no end. The man in the middle has hardly faced any backlash. It is him that has brought these women together and it is him who we would love to hear from. Hopefully, Jordan won’t be slapped with a gag order from the Kardashain clan and they’ll let her grab a Basketball Wives check. Check out a few flicks from this developing story.

Tristan and Jordan in love

BTW, am I the only one that think Khloe just wanted a tall, melanin-infused baby? She can take it or leave it with these dispensable boytoys.


I cannot speak for his ex-girlfriend, but her Instagram page has been riddled with expletives in reference to the baby announcement.  Her fans are not happy about this. The die-hard Kardashian fans are ecstatic, however. All in all, this big mess is sure to be sorted out on camera on the Kardashian show in their next season.

Jordan Craig brunches in Hollywood on the same day as Khloe’s pregnancy announcement drops


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Jordan sans Tristan at her baby shower