Former Playboy Model Commits Murder/Suicide with 7-year-old Son Amidst Messy Custody Battle

Former Playboy Model Commits Murder/Suicide with 7-year-old Son Amidst Messy Custody Battle

Playboy Playmate Stephanie Adams leaving court holding her son, Vincent, in 2012.

Former Playboy model commits murder/suicide with 7- year son with amidst messy custody battle.

Thursday evening May 17, 2018 Stephanie Adams checked into the penthouse suite at the Gotham Hotel. At approximately 8:15 Friday morning, the former November 1992 Playboy centerfold gazed at the bustling streets of New York City. These would be the final moments of she and her 7-year old son, Vincent’s life.  Ms. Adams  jumped from her 46th floor penthouse suite of the Gotham Hotel. It is unknown if she made her son jump with her or if he jumped to his death after seeing his mother’s lifeless body. The two bodies were discovered on a second-floor landing in the hotel’s rear courtyard. It is not clear if Adams left behind a suicide note. Adams was 47 years old.

Her estranged Husband

She shared the boy, Vincent, with Charles Nicolai, of Wall Street Chiropractic & Wellness. Reports identify Nicolai as Adams’ estranged husband.  The pair were married for only two years. According to sources, Nicolai’s lawyer recently demanded that she turn over the child’s passport. Their relationship was so toxic that Adams would meet Nicolai — who had visitation rights for Vincent — at the First Precinct in Tribeca, an affluent New York neighborhood, for handovers. An attorney friend of 20 years, Raoul Felder, also said Nicolai had ongoing personal struggles because of the custody battle. He said she had just lost a court fight to take her son Vincent to Spain and England this summer. Though she had unrealistic expectations, she didn’t seem depressed, said Felder.


Her personal life

Adams came out as Playboy magazine’s first lesbian centerfold in 2003. But she was later married to an investment banker for two years before becoming engaged to Nicolai in 2009.

The former Wilhelmina and Elite model-turned-author was profiled by The Post in 2013. At the time, she had written 25 New Age self-help books, ran an online organic beauty products company and managed the finances for Nicolai’s chiropractic office.

“The stereotypes are sexist and unfair,” Adams said at the time. “Just because I look a certain way and have expensive tastes, it doesn’t mean I’m shallow. Style and looks don’t mean lack of brains, sweetheart!”

Stephanie Adams’ history with lawsuits

Adams successfully sued the NYPD, winning a $1.2 million jury award stemming from a 2006 incident in which she was thrown to the ground by a cop who falsely claimed she pulled a gun on him.

She and her husband were sued in 2013 in by Dilek Edwards, a former massage therapist in his office, who claimed she was fired after Nicolai admitted his then-wife would get “jealous” because Edwards was “too cute.”

Edwards’ suit was tossed — but it was restored by an appeals court that ruled she could sue for gender discrimination.

That lawsuit is still pending.


SUICIDE PREVENTION HELP: The National Suicide Prevention Hotline (1-800-273-8255) is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.