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Our Mission

Blended and Black is dedicated to promoting harmony and balance in mending, broken and blended millennial families.  Our mission is to remove the stigma surrounding Step families while helping members redefine their roles and adjust to their new normal. 

 We are an ALL inclusive platform. ALL are welcome.

Naja Hall, Founder
Family Life Coach

new front page May

How can we help you?

1300 new blended families are formed each day. Statistics show that over 50% of today’s modern families include partners who have remarried or re-coupled.  If you are here, chances are you are now blended and you are in need of help.
new front page May

new front page May
new front page May


Are you you a Biomom or Stepmom caught up in the toxicity that plagues SO many women in step-families? If so, I have compacted 6 months of intense therapy into a Masterclass just for YOU. My book Girl,Bye!: She’s Not Going Anywhere. Neither Are You shows you exactly how to remove yourself from the drama and reclaim your personal peace. If you’ve tried no contact, playing nice, apologizing and nothing has worked, then you’ve finally found the MOST IMPORTANT tool you’ll need to gaining harmony in your life and in the lives of your family.

Want a free preview? Check out Chapter 5 now. Be forewarned, it’s intense and it may scare some away. If you’re ready for your breakthrough once and for all, class is now in session.

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