Happy Stepmother’s Day (Yes, it’s a REAL thing!

In 2000, 9-year old Lizzie Capuzzi decided that she wanted to celebrate her stepmother, Joyce and felt this should be done on the Sunday following Mother’s day. Lizzie decided to take her celebration a step further by reaching out to U.S. Representative Rick Santorum. On July 11, 2000, it was published in Congressional Record No. 88, Vol. 146 that “Sunday after Mother’s Day would now be Stepmother’s Day” and Lizzie was recognized as creating a holiday for the recognition of this type of relationship. Although this holiday is not widely known, it is most certainly in existence, should be celebrated, and is also gaining more and more attention with so many stepmothers in America.


Stepmothers (and stepfathers) play a very important and integral role in all blended families. From caring for their stepchildren and family domestically, emotionally and financially, to also being the support system for their spouse. Some of us have our own children, some not yet, and others will “simply” raise their stepchildren. Stepmoms take on a wide variety of responsibilities and deserve to be acknowledged.

To all of the stepmoms doing their best to care for their stepchildren day in and day out, we recognize you and wish you a very Happy Stepmother’s Day!

written by Michelle Glogovac