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Family Mapping (3 session package) $450

The family is a system comprised of many working parts. Each family member is a viable part of your system you are all interconnected. When a family member is off balance everyone may be affected. Sometimes our family experiences hardships that arise because of life transitions and changes beyond their control. Most are not equipped to ease into their transitions thus causing  tension for those around them. During your sessions, Naja will analyze your family system and offer proven methods to aid in restoring balance redefining familial roles.

You will get clear on your goals for your family and Naja come up with a plan of action to achieve peace in your family unit. There are 3 one hour sessions and you will leave each one with homework and an immediate plan of action. Your family plan’s success is based on your family’s commitment to making it happen! During this process you Naja will be your accountability partner and go to resource to get your family back on track.