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Are you ready to truly transform your Family?

B&B in collaboration with Golden Gate Cathedral and Bishop Ed Stephens, millennials and their families will be informed, inspired and equipped to sort out the complexities of life in a mended, broken or blended family.

Blended and Black is dedicated to helping promote harmony and balance in mending, broken and blended millennial families.  Our mission is to remove the stigma surrounding Step families while helping members redefine their roles and adjust to their new normal. 

Through a combination of workshops, keynote speakers and spiritual reinforcement, attendees will be empowered and educated! The theme for our 1st B&B Con is Forgive yourself in order to Forgive Others.

At #BBCon17, over 1000 attendees will:

Rediscover the root of how they approach forgiveness and how to improve the dynamic

Learn the basics of why Blended families fail and INCREASE the chance of success

Celebrate the beauty of 2nd chances

Connect with like-minded members of the Blended community



Money Management in a Blended Family It can be hard enough establishing a budget when you immediately become the new parent of young children and teenagers. Throw in the additional added difficulty of children that may sometimes see the new parent as more of an interloper rather than an authority figure and money management becomes even more difficult. At #BBCON, we’ll address that and many other financial concerns that have the potential of splitting young families apart. You’ll learn how to budget, reasonable allowances, controlling costs and even a few entrepreneurial skills that may help you earn extra income.

Role Redefining Program One of the MAIN sources of conflict that happens in blended families is that all of these people are thrown, not necessarily by choice, into a family system but no one has a clear, defined description on what their new role entails. Simultaneously, they are faced with grieving the end of their previous role while having to get acclimated to a brand new one. The Role Redefining Program will help you come up with a blueprint for you and everyone in their family as their roles transition

BioMom vs StepMom Real Talk Session It’s a rare occurrence when a biological parent and a stepparent can sit down to a calm, rational discussion regarding important family matters. But that exact thing will happen at #BBCON, and our panelists will address many of the concerns common to almost all blended families. You won’t want to miss this VITAL workshop!

How to cope with a deadbeat dad Just because dad isn’t in the picture doesn’t mean he’s off the hook. Don’t be afraid to go after the income that rightfully belongs to your children. #BBCON will give you resources to help you get the law on your side in your state. Overall, you’ll learn what to do as soon as you return home. Securing your finances now will help give your children the best chance at a viable future.

Stepmoms Only There are so many issues unique to stepmoms in blended families. Torn loyalties, disruptive stepchildren, biological kids who feel neglected; if you don’t have support it’s easy to become overwhelmed. A major cause of divorce among blended families is the rejection and difficulties faced by the stepmother. At #BBCON 2017 you’ll have a chance to speak with a counselor to help you begin to cope with the problems you’re facing at home. 

Divorced and Separated Dads, Know your legal rights! So often it seems that courts side with the mother in issues regarding legal separation. But times are changing and fathers now have more rights than at any time previously. It’s up to you however, to become aware of your rights and ensure that you are properly represented in all legal matters. You’ll receive a lot of beneficial information at #BBCON 2017. Know your rights and fight in preparation!

Single Moms Power Hour #BBCON 2017 acknowledges the influence and contributions of single mothers in our communities and a large part of our event this year addresses their needs. Attend our Single Mom’s Power Hour this year and learn about how to explain to your children why dad isn’t in your life, staying cordial with your ex for the sake of the children, scheduling events for yourself and the kids and how to make time to care for your own needs. Single motherhood needn’t be so very stressful. We have resources, information and counseling services all lined up for you. Please don’t miss this event!

High Conflict Co-parenting 

Is trying to discipline the children in your blended family a constant fight between you and your spouse? Are your children utilizing the discord to their advantage? Nothing will improve until you and your mate begin to function on common ground when it comes to how your children are to be raised. Fortunately, this is a common issue and at #BBCON 2017 you’ll speak with professionals who have heard it all, been there and back and can give you a great set of disciplinary tools to help bring peace back into your home. An added benefit: you’ll also have happy, healthy, well-adjusted children that recognize your authority!


#BBCon17 will open with a semi-formal wine and cheese event. Conference attendees will enjoy an evening of laughter, music and networking. Get acquainted with community leaders, organizers and panelists.

Panel Discussions

A group of panelists  will debate and discuss topics that affect members of Blended families. The audience is encouraged to participate.


Knowledgeable and note worthy subject matter experts will provide insight on topics such as Legal and financial issues that affect blended families, Step children issues, Successful step parenting, How to let Go of Anger and much more.

Worship Service

In Southern Family tradition, attendees are encouraged to invite all of their family members for a Sunday morning worship service. We will pray  and rejoice together and hear a final closing word from Bishop Ed Stevens of Golden Gate Cathedral.