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In December 2017, members of the Blended and Black community and their guests met up for a Mixer. Creator, Naja Hall, hosts, attendees and panelists shared open dialogue on life in stepfamlies and how we can all form more cohesive bonds. The #BlendedandBlack experience will be hosting mixers, meetups and classes nationwide in 2018.
MEMPHIS, TN Naja Hall gives an interview with ABC 24 about her book Girl,Bye! More information can be found at www.GirlBye.info
ELEVATOR PITCH: Creator of Blended and Black, Naja Hall talks about the main dilemma that plagues Moms and Stepmoms in her new Workbook, Girl, Bye! End the toxic tango.
Miami, FL Naja speaks with Legally Speaking about book publishing, her new book and life in a blended family.
We frequently post video content to our Youtube Playlist. Check out the fresh Blended and Black content here.
In moments of tension and havoc, my Husband and I have come up up a solid go-to action. We know that our marriage is the foundation of our family unit, so it is important to stay bound to one another. When things and persons that are beyond our control begin episodes of contention, we use the negative energy as fuel. In essence, we \”Use Our Fool as Our Fuel\”! Check out the clip to hear the breakdown of how it all goes.
My Husband is a Father. When we began to experience the hardships of parental alienation, unsuccessful attempts at justice in family court and trying to deal with an uncooperative co-parent, I knew we needed support.
Sooooo you have your custody orders! The every other weekend arrangement has been tolerable BUT now it\’s HOLIDAY time and the kids will be with their other parent for longer! Don\’t fret! Here are a few tips to make the transition a little easier for everyone….especially the kiddos!