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Let’s dig deep into the art of forgiveness. I call it an art because it looks different to everyone and each individual road towards forgiveness is etched in it’s own uniqueness. Forgiveness seems to be one of the most complicated things to achieve and maintain. This month, the Blended & Black Book Club is diving head first into the murky waters of FORGIVING OURSELVES & OTHERS. It may hurt a little, but that’s why I decided that this process should be a group effort. As a support group, we will go through TD Jake’s Let It Go Workbook ($10.13). The workbook is also accompanied by a 254 page novel also called Let It Go, it’s highly recommended, but not required ($6.72). You should note that the Workbook makes many references to the book.

The workbook is 14 chapters and we will be completing ONE Chapter per week as a group. Please order your book(s) now because the discussion thread on the Introduction and Chapter One will begin Wednesday May 31st, 2017. 

*New chapter discussions will be begin every Wednesday

Join the Book Club Facebook Group and purchase your book(s)to get started! This group will remain Closed and only available to active participants.

I’d really appreciate it if you order your books from the links I’ve provided on this page. Amazon gives me small percentage of each purchase. If I’m lucky, I’ll be able to buy myself a cup of coffee!

I’m excited to begin this journey of forgiveness with all of you! 

-Naja H.



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